December Already ...

Author: Shane  Date Posted:11 December 2017 

A lot has happened since our last post and there have been many busy times. Every time we go outside, there seems to be another very proud mummy duck looking to great us with her young babies. So we have been utilising all available covered mobile pens to keep their babies safe from the crows. We have been losing a lot of young chicks and ducklings to crows at the moment. The ducklings are so gorgeous. Great entertainment for young and old.

We are overrun with new chickens as well. We breed Black, Blue and Splash Australorps, Standard, Blue Laced, White, Splash Barnevelders, White and Columbian Wyandottes. So the incubators have been busy running and hatching new life for the farm. To see more pics and details, we have a sister site . Check it out sometime!! .
The baby goats are growing fast and the bucks have been separated from the baby does. The male babies start to work as bucks at 3 months of age, so they need to be separated as the baby does can not get into kids until 12 months, but we prefer 18 months. We have two new buck kids from this years drop, one pure bred Anglo Nubian named Hamish and a Anglo Nubian cross Saanen named Tiger. Hopefully these two new bucks will bring good milking genetics into our herd in the future. The two boys are so very cute and they are super friendly as we bottle raise our boys.

Our Garden has been busily growing, including the weeds. The weeds go to the cows and goats, they love them. Our first crop of Calendula was picked this year. It was a great family occasion. The kids had a great time out in the garden with us. We all ended up with sticky hands from picking the flowers, but it was well worth it. We learned how to dry them and now we are in process of packaging them for sale. We grow everything organically, so it will be a great addition to our stock. Here are some photos to show you some of what we did....




We are looking forward to milking the goats again shortly. We are renovating the goat milking quarters to make it larger and more user friendly. I can't wait to make more soap. We are looking at extending our range and making more fragrant soaps. We are also looking into making goats milk based moisturisers and balms. I personally can't wait to try out new recipes. I love exploring new things with goats milk. It is awesome stuff. I am also going to put our Mad Millie Cheese Kits and Greek Yoghurt kit to good use. We have been selling a large quantity of Cheese Kits leading up to Christmas. They make the perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for. The are such a rewarding gift. I have a ginger beer kit that I want to try as well. I will let you know how the family likes that!! It's a classic drink for all times. 

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